Social Media Management

I am a motivated, passionate, results orientated, talented digital designer and online marketer. I specialise in visual and interactive design for websites and social media sites. Below are some of my clients, to find out more click here.



Now with two cafés successfully operating in Canberra, franchising the business is a vision for the owners. Coming in at the beginning of their growth strategy with an innovative approach to creating the best online platform and profile has been essential for the growth of the business and its transition into franchising. I am responsible for building the website, and generating all content including text and photos.  I am currently responsible for all profiles on social media platforms, regular updates and the creation of content in line with the Kickstart’s business goals.

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Creating online visual content for one of Canberra's most popular  restaurants -  (voted Australia's favourite restaurant in 2016) has provided me with an opportunity to learn how to promote the best possible outcome for the business – high level traffic both online and in the restaurant. As the social media manager, I am responsible for ensuring the visual components of the website and social media platforms are professional, awe inspiring and valuable. 

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Through market research, Threads became obvious there is a gap in the market for good quality and well-presented vintage and second hand clothing. The experience of building a business from the ground up has been invaluable for me as a business student. In the first few months of operation this year we have been able to generate up to sixty people a day looking and buying the clothes. This success has been supported by the high quality visual images I have created for the Threads website, Instagram and Facebook.


Shackelton's Coffee

A Canberra based business offering bottled ready-to-drink cold brew coffee, nuts and berries packaged especially for people on the go. Shackleton’s Coffee is owned and operated by myself as the CEO and I am currently working on building the business’ profile through a strategic marketing and business plan. So far this has led to a number of businesses stocking Shackleton’s products.

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Escape Rooms Canberra

When Escape Rooms Canberra opened their doors in early 2016, they needed a marketing strategy that would enable them to increase their profile and generate interest. I was asked to contribute to this through an online marketing strategy. Whilst Escape Rooms operated successfully all over the world, they are a new phenomenon to Canberra and thus an innovative approach was required. The basic idea of being locked in a room for an hour trying to work out how to escape could sound appealing or awful – and my task was to make it attractive to groups of friends for fun and work colleagues as a bonding exercise.