Blog 5

Blog 5a. Before launching his sports brand across all social media channels, I would advise him to better understand is market. This is because different social media sites attract different demographics, thus delivering the brand to consumers in the correct way. 


Breaking down my advice, I will create a basic outline of what should be done on each platform.    



Some may not say YouTube is not a social media site but it does offer similar traits and I highly recommend creating content for YouTube when you are launching a Sporting Gear brand. YouTube is video platform catering for all demographics and with a large number of sporting videos across the platform, YouTube attracts millions of potential customers. What he can beginning to do to promote his brand is make videos to put on YouTube. These videos can be an arrange of any topic, how to use a particular product, testing a product interviewing an athlete using the product. This platform helps with your google rating (as YouTube is owned by Google). 



Instagram will be the powerhouse of the social media sites he will use to promote his new online store. With lots of people moving away from Facebook they are stating to use and enjoy Instagram. Another reason Instagram can be used to promote his new brand is so that it allows you to publish photo and video content to your audience for free. If he was to create engaging and impressive content for his Instagram account he would be able to grow organically over a short period of time, with the possibility to reach thousands or even millions of his desired market with out sending any money on advertising. Thus he would either have to spend lots of time creating the content or he would have to pay someone to create the content for him.



As snapchat has taken a blow to its growth because of Instagram taking most of the market you will see a younger demographic on snap chat. This can be used to publish short videos and simple photos to your follower base. A basic but necessary social platform to publish content to help promote his new brand.



Facebook is a great place to create a community of people who follow and love your brand, service or products. As recommending similar advice across YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat, I believe Facebook should be used as a platform for large and important announcements. Facebook is a platform full of buzz media and hot topics that usually fake. If you’re publishing content across Facebook it gets bundled up with means, inappropriate content, politics and things that just might not be inline with your brand. 


Overall it is extremely beneficial to promote your brand across all social media platforms, just make sure you understand your audience and what platform they use the most. 


Blog 5b: Introduce your audience to the concept of   'Big Data'. Do some additional research and include at least 3  references. 

The concept ‘Big Data’ revolves around the use of large amounts of information to study and research particular things. We see a huge increase in the use of Big data due to the amount of information that is produced each day. Thomas Davenport, (2018) says  it’s not how much data you have its how you use it. 


A great example of Big Data being used is through Netflix releasing a pilot for a new show. they are able to analyses touch points in real time, allowing them to have a full understanding of the consumers  interests in the show (Xu, Frankwick and Ramirez, 2016). Obviously this is very valuable to Netflix as these shows cost millions of dollars and time is extremely valuable when producing a TV series. 



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