Blog 5

Blog 5a. Before launching his sports brand across all social media channels, I would advise him to better understand is market. This is because different social media sites attract different demographics, thus delivering the brand to consumers in the correct way. 


Breaking down my advice, I will create a basic outline of what should be done on each platform.    



Some may not say YouTube is not a social media site but it does offer similar traits and I highly recommend creating content for YouTube when you are launching a Sporting Gear brand. YouTube is video platform catering for all demographics and with a large number of sporting videos across the platform, YouTube attracts millions of potential customers. What he can beginning to do to promote his brand is make videos to put on YouTube. These videos can be an arrange of any topic, how to use a particular product, testing a product interviewing an athlete using the product. This platform helps with your google rating (as YouTube is owned by Google). 



Instagram will be the powerhouse of the social media sites he will use to promote his new online store. With lots of people moving away from Facebook they are stating to use and enjoy Instagram. Another reason Instagram can be used to promote his new brand is so that it allows you to publish photo and video content to your audience for free. If he was to create engaging and impressive content for his Instagram account he would be able to grow organically over a short period of time, with the possibility to reach thousands or even millions of his desired market with out sending any money on advertising. Thus he would either have to spend lots of time creating the content or he would have to pay someone to create the content for him.



As snapchat has taken a blow to its growth because of Instagram taking most of the market you will see a younger demographic on snap chat. This can be used to publish short videos and simple photos to your follower base. A basic but necessary social platform to publish content to help promote his new brand.



Facebook is a great place to create a community of people who follow and love your brand, service or products. As recommending similar advice across YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat, I believe Facebook should be used as a platform for large and important announcements. Facebook is a platform full of buzz media and hot topics that usually fake. If you’re publishing content across Facebook it gets bundled up with means, inappropriate content, politics and things that just might not be inline with your brand. 


Overall it is extremely beneficial to promote your brand across all social media platforms, just make sure you understand your audience and what platform they use the most. 


Blog 5b: Introduce your audience to the concept of   'Big Data'. Do some additional research and include at least 3  references. 

The concept ‘Big Data’ revolves around the use of large amounts of information to study and research particular things. We see a huge increase in the use of Big data due to the amount of information that is produced each day. Thomas Davenport, (2018) says  it’s not how much data you have its how you use it. 


A great example of Big Data being used is through Netflix releasing a pilot for a new show. they are able to analyses touch points in real time, allowing them to have a full understanding of the consumers  interests in the show (Xu, Frankwick and Ramirez, 2016). Obviously this is very valuable to Netflix as these shows cost millions of dollars and time is extremely valuable when producing a TV series. 



H. Davenport, T. (2018). What is Big Data and why it matters. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Sep. 2018].

Xu, Z., Frankwick, G. and Ramirez, E. (2016). Effects of big data analytics and traditional marketing analytics on new product success: A knowledge fusion perspective. Journal of Business Research, 69(5), pp.1562-1566.

Blog 4

4a. Briefly summarise the implications of the internet on each element of the marketing mix ( Consider 4 Ps) 

Price – Price has become versatile since the internet has come about. We see the internet creating opportunities to reduce prices of products and services. Because the internet allows for virtual stores at the fraction of the cost of a bricks and mortar store we see firms reducing their price to compete with products and services from bricks and mortar stores. 

Promotion – The internet has had a huge affect on the way firms promote their products and services. We can see the use of the internet as a popular way to promote new products and services. What it has done, is give firms the ability to promote their product or service to the world from anywhere in the worlds. Firms also pay fractions of the cost of traditional forms of promotional marketing. This drives prompting online up and above all other forms of promotion and marketing. 

Product – Product has been changed through the availability the internet brings consumers. The internet allows consumers access to products around the world, with the click of a button. This gives consumers the ability to have access to products and service in the comfort of their own home. 

Place – As noted on ‘Product’ the place where people purchase their products and service has changed because of the internet. We need to understand that people can purchase the product or service from anywhere. With their environment being an influencer of their purchasing habits, it is really important for firms to create the a positive environment for consumers when they are purchasing online. 

4b. Analyse E-CRM activities of your favourite Australian TV show ( International students can select a TV show from your home country) 

Unfortunately I have not watched any Australian Television this year, nor any Television. You may think that is crazy, but, in this day and age this is some what normal. 


Some affective ways to use E-CRM 


·     Social Media management

·     Email subscriptions

·     Online information forums

·     Small audience competitions 

·     Websites 

·     Speciality websites 

·     Online publications 

·     Video platforms 

·     Phone applications 

Blog Post 3

Mini Case Study - Airbnb

An example how a business shows superior innovation in their business model is Airbnb. Firstly Airbnb disrupted the accommodation industry in 2008 allowing anyone to rent out a space in their home for any amount of money. This exploded over the years to come leading them to be the largest single provider of accommodation around the world. 

Once Airbnb gained stability they saw a new area of business which could be changed. ‘Airbnb Experiences’ was born in mid 2017, integrating this service into their accommodation platform. I have spoken about Airbnb experiences in my previous blog entries so I will just link the YouTube video to help you understand their new business model,



A new way Airbnb innovated on the original review system used by firms such as TripAdvisor can be seen through the way Airbnb gave both players in the peer-to-peer business model a voice. 

“Guests can rate the accommodation. This is not new. We have been doing this on TripAdvisor for a long time. But in the peer-to-peer accommodation network the host also gets to rate and review the guest. Now that’s new. Suddenly here's ‘Freddie’ saying his guest ‘Jimmy’ was not much fun to have around the house. In doing that, Freddie affects Jimmy’s ability to ever find accommodation on a peer-to-peer network again. The system rewards good host and good guest behaviour and punishes bad host and bad guest behaviour. Again, this is radically different than anything else in the traditional accommodation market,” Professor Dolnicar explains. (School, U. 2018). 


Adding this important step to the process allowed Airbnb to filter out any bad guests. This system has become very popular as other peer-to-peer firms similar to Airbnb integrating this into their business model. 


Overall Airbnb has changed the way we look for accommodation and in the future I believe Airbnb will be a holistic travel agency offering end-to-end travel. The future is bright for this company.

3b. 'Setting long-term strategic objectives for a website is unrealistic since the rate of change in the marketplace is so rapid'. Discuss. 

Setting long-term strategic objectives will be beneficial for the business no matter what. As discussed with a fellow class mate, websites for basic firms, who use the website as a front cover rather then a functioning e-commerce business may not have to set strategic objects as website technology has stayed quote stagnate. On the other side we looked at businesses who are completely online, selling their services and/or products from their website. Business like this must conduct long-term objective planning to help with market changes and uncontrollable forces in their industry as well as online. 




School, U. (2018). How Airbnb created a new business model – and what you can learn from it Challenging the Future. [online] Available at:–-and-what-you-can-learn-it [Accessed 7 Sep. 2018].


Blog Entry 2

Looking again at Airbnb, I will gain an understanding of the user interface to better understand the customer experience. With many firms offering similar products and services we see a large focus from firms to improve their customer experience to differentiate themselves from competition.   

·     Information processing

I personally follow Airbnb on Instagram and I am updated with their content t every couple of days. This allows me to have access to particular information that helps  me create an understanding of Airbnb, through information. When I use Airbnb I collect information from many different source to help make a better choice on where I might stay when I’m visiting a new city. Airbnb it’s self makes available endless amounts of information on its website with listings having information on everything involved in your stay. Processing this information is easy as Airbnb uses simple terms and minimal writing, utilising beautiful photos and videos to help create a better understanding of its offering to its customers. 

·     Perceived case of use

Understanding how the internet works comes easy to a lot of people, especially millennials. Airbnb is a platform allowing anyone with house, apartment or room to put it on the market. Prices do vary from $45 a night to $10,000 a night. With this vary in price range Airbnb is going to have a variation of customers. These customers could and most probably be people in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s who may not be that savvy with computers. This means that Airbnb needs to take this into consideration as they design the useability of the website. 

·     Perceived usefulness

Airbnb started out as a very basic accommodation platform in 2008 and has now grown to an international corporation with over 150 Million users (Smith, 2018). The usefulness of its service and platform had to change dramatically to better it’s position in someone’s travel arrangements. They have added notifications to their application and instant messaging to better connect the guest with their hosts. Airbnb has tried to understand what people really want when they visit a new place. Their new business venture is Airbnb Experiences, helping pave the way for new business and ultimately better their customers experience. 

See what Airbnb Experience are all about;



Video of Airbnb Plus


·     Perceived benefits 

Airbnb use a networking marketing tactic to obtain new users to it’s platform. Once a customer has completed their stay and have left a review the customer is offered $20 Airbnb credit if they refer a friend and that friend will receive $50 Airbnb credit. Personally this isn’t a huge incentive to go out and find friends or people that have not used Airbnb before. It is a benefit of using the platform. 

·     Perceived control

As a customer I feel in control when looking for accommodation in the area that I want to visit. Being in control of the cost is a different story as the cost varies and increases when finalising the purchase, this is because of the service fee, cleaning fee and tax that is added on the final price. This is okay in countries like the USA as it is what their customers are used to. If you’re dinning at a restraint in the USA you’ll get your bill at the end of dinner and tax will be added to the final price as well as a tip. Where as in Australia we are used to the price, being the final price. Thus making the user experience here in Australia, difficult. I personally have not made the final purchase because for this exact reason and believe Airbnb should fix it for Australians, our system and customers are not used to it. 

·     Skill

I believe that Airbnb is a website that customers need a basic but relevant understanding of the webpage outline. The outlay is designed to be easy to use with very neutral colours, but customers need to understand that buttons are usually hidden or programed into photos thus the need to use it a couple times before one becames competent in using it.  

·     Trust propensity

Trust comes under an interesting banner at Airbnb, I believe the trust is usually broken by the customers and the service providers. For example when Jeff rents out his room in Los Angeles he’s trusting the customer is going to look after it and not steal or break anything. This is where Airbnb has most of its trust issues. 

·     Perceived risk

Another area where Airbnb has trust areas is the fact that some people afraid to stay at a strangers house. Before Airbnb was created everyone though that staying in a strangers places would be totally forbidden. But, time did tell, with 150 million users Airbnb is one of the biggest accommodation providers in the world. 


My video submission for this weeks blog. 


Smith, C. (2018). 100 Amazing Airbnb Statistics. [online] DMR. Available at: [Accessed 31 Aug. 2018].

5 I's of Internet Marketing & Business Model

Looking at Airbnb’s business we see a new and innovative approach to the current accommodation industry. In 2008 two friends with fresh eyes created a company that allowed people to rent spare bedrooms from strangers in unfamiliar cities (Business Model Tool Box, 2014). A crazy thought back then. This exploded over the years creating a huge online business, what we know as Airbnb.


Their revenue model works on taking a percentage of each transaction that goes through the website. Airbnb gives this opportunity to anyone who has internet access and a camera the ability to do this. With these two easily accessible technologies anyone around the world has the opportunity to turn their spare room, apartment or house into income. 


It’s not only about the location, but, the experience. See video below.


Airbnb is currently moving their business model into the experience industry, allowing people to sell services such as surfing lessons, yoga classes, bush walks, etc. 


Looking closer at Airbnb’s 5 I’s 


Using and interacting with Airbnb’s website you will notice detailed personable filters to help with searching. The ability to review and rate people and your stay at their house. Traveling over the last few months I used Airbnb for every place I stayed, this high interaction level with it’s user makes a more enjoyable experience for everyone.



Through the use of controlled filters Airbnb is able to select the perfect accommodation for you. It also uses cookies to help better its search for your ideal accommodation. 



Airbnb are using particular techniques to help with making sure every customers has the right home. They are doing this by introducing extremely personalised searching options and making sure all customers leave detailed reviews giving enough information for the next traveller.


See pictures below;




Airbnb is heavily integrated into social media channels with large engagement through its main channels Facebook and Instagram. It has recently created marketing campaigns that target particular political decisions of Donald trump makes, integrating itself into the political arena.


Independence of Location:

Travelers are able to access Airbnb from any device and every country. China has currently requested Airbnb to hand over all information of all Airbnb users in China (Abrams, 2018), which has made some people concerned asking the question should Airbnb continue operating in China. 




Business Model Toolbox. (2018). Airbnb Business Model - Business Model Toolbox. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Aug. 2018].


ABRAMS, A. (2018). Airbnb Will Start Sharing Guest Data in China With Chinese Authorities. [online] Time. Available at: [Accessed 23 Aug. 2018].


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